Anybody can climb, no matter how old or fit you are. Routs on the climbing tower are arranged for absolute beginners as well as experienced climbers.

Climbing is an inherited skill, so a child can climb as soon as it walks, and we have the appropriate equipment even for the youngest climbers.

The climbing tower is tested on each anchor point to hold 900 kg, and the equipment can hold a load up to 2 tons, so the weight of a one person is no problem.

During one visit to the climbing tower you have 3-4 ascents, depending on your climbing skills. During your ascent you can sit in the harness, rest a little, relax your fingers and arms, and continue to the top. Usually the restriction is your own strength and endurance.

It depends on how fast you climb. Some people reach the top 3-4 times in 10 minutes, and some people need twice as much time.

We plan for one tour to last four hours, but like in the case of climbing at the tower, it depends on the number of people and their physical shape.

No previous experience is needed. Climbing on Vertikala is in controlled environment, so you just need to relax and listen to the instructions from your instructor. Before every tour we planned a quick introduction to the equipment and the climbing technique.

All visitors are climbing “Top rope”, which means the rope is set trough the anchor point on the top, and if any situation occurs when a fall is possible, the belay device blocks automatically and the climber just stops in place and sits in the harness.

Sport climbing was shown several times as a good cure to fear of heights. From our previous experience with people who are afraid of heights, we developed a special approach where you don’t climb to the top, but you climb only to the point where anxiety kicks in, and with every ascent that point gets higher.

On every tour you will be accompanied by experienced instructors who will climb every route, and set the rope trough the anchor point.

Top anchor point is fixed, so there’s friction that increases as the load increases. That means that the belayer can easily belay a climber double in weight.

For sport climbing you need a harness, climbing shoes, rope and a belaying device, and you can get all the equipment from us.

The price is separate for climbing on the tower and renting the equipment, so you can climb using your own equipment and you pay only for climbing.

Since the majority of a tour is a physical activity, and we will spend some time on the sun, water is mandatory. We recommend you also bring something to eat. If we go climbing to the St. Anthony channel, bring the things you would usually bring to the beach.

Vertikala is active during the whole year. From June 15 to September 15 you can find us every day on the Blue beach in Vodice from 10 AM to 9 PM, and for the rest of the year you just need to make an appointment for climbing on the tower or a tour.

During the summer season we are at the tower to 9 PM, but if there’s still some visitors, wee will stay until everybody are finished. In that case we use spotlights.

One visit to the climbing tower costs 40 kn. 20 kn from that price is for climbing, and the other 20 kn is for the equipment rent. Price of the tours varies from 300 kn to 400 kn per person, depending on the tour location.

Discounts at the climbing tower are available to groups (3 or more people in a group have 25% discount), and it’s also possible to buy a coupon for 5 visits to the tower which will also give you a 25% discount. Discounts can’t be combined.

Climbing tower Vertikala (which is also a starting point for all the tours) is located at the Blue beach in Vodice. Visit our contact page where you can see a map and the rest of the ways for contacting us. For news and notifications you can follow us on our Facebook page.

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