Tribunj, Sovlje

1-10 people

2 hours

Trekking - Tribunj, Sovlje

From Zamalin beach there are rocks along the coastline all the way to Sovlje. These rocks vary in size and shape, and you can cross them the easy way or the hard way. Some of the rocks hang over the sea, so it helps if you are familiar with some climbing technique. All along the way rocks are oriented south, so they are in the sun whole time, and the fact that sea is so close, makes this tour a perfect combination of physical activity and quick refreshment.
We start at the climbing tower Vertikala at 10AM, or we can arrange a meeting point on a parking lotnext to the Zamalin beach. From Vodice we walk by the shore to Tribunj. and to the Zamalin beach there is about 20 minutes walk total. On the beach you will get a quick lesson about sport climbing, and during the whole tour you will be accompanied by experienced instructor. Trekking to Sovlje is about 40 minutes, depending on how fast we move, and on the way back we can stop at one of the beaches or have a quick tour of Tribunj. We recommend that you bring water on the tour, 1 liter per person, and sporting shoes are mandatory.
– Climbing instructor
– Introduction to the sport climbing technique
– Insurance

Price ……………………. 150 kn per person

*Groups of 5 or more people and children younger than 15 get a 10% discount
*Discount can not be combined

*This tour is not recommended for children under the age of 9

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