4th sport climbing competition
4th sport climbing competition

4th sport climbing competition

In 2018. the 4th sport climbing competition is taking place at climbing tower Vertikala. Competition is in amateur spirit, so everybody is welcome to compete.

Competition starts on Sunday July 1st and it will be held on every second-third Sunday until August 26th, it consists of four parts (rounds) after which we will add the results and declare the winners. The winner announcement and handing out the awards will take place on Saturday September 1st 2018. The competition on every stated date will start at 10 AM, and ends at 9 PM.


– 3x of 10 minutes climbing (time ends when the started climb is over)
– Rest between climbs is 15 minutes
– In stated time it is required to climb as much different routs as possible (we pay attention to number of tries)
– Every sitting in harness (putting weight on the rope) is considered a failure, and the climb starts from the beginning
– At the end of every round wee add up the number of completed climbs and attempts for every climber
– The goal of the competition is to climb as much different routs as possible with minimum attempts
– At he end of all 4 rounds we will consider results of the top three performances (so it doesn’t matter if you miss one round) and compile the final competitor list


1. Older than 15 (men)
2. Older than 15 (women)
3. Younger than 15 (male and female)
– in the third category, to compensate the difference in height and strength, to all competitors younger than 10 we will ad the coefficient of 1.5 to the results

Routs for the competition will be the ones that are already set, so the advantage goes to the ones that visit the climbing tower in advance and get to know the routs, which will not be changed during the whole competition. Registrations are on the day of every round of competition at the climbing tower Vertikala, and the entry fee is 20kn (+20kn extra for the equipment rent, for those who don’t have their own climbing shoes and harness).

For extra details and information follow us on our Facebook page.

For those who don’t know how to find us, check out the instructions here.

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